One comment on “Monaco GP

  1. Hi Amit,

    Neat summary of the GP as I saw it.

    My takeaway is that Hamilton’s confidence, in himself and relative to Nico, is on the up. He was strong in Spain, though lost out in the accident (his fault? I’m not sure) and strong in Monaco after the team ordered Nico aside, who had a very lack lustre race. when he gets in the groove, he gets in the groove, so could Lewis be leading the Championship after Silverstone?

    Yes, the race turned on the Red Bull pitstop, but Hamilton’s tyre choice call was a good one, and potentially he could have gained on Ricciardo but passing him would have been a tall order.

    Good to Alonso getting closer, albeit in an odd race at an odd place and full marks to Sergio Perez for a podium.

    My driver of the day is tough call between Hamilton and Perez, but Ricciardo for driver of the weekend.

    Canada next – one of my favourites!

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